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Regulator service kits In our online dive shop, we offer service kits or repair kits for regulators that contain spare parts for regulators maintenance that are routinely replaced with a regulator review. You will find in our online divestore appropriate repair kits or service kits for Mares regulators, repair kits for Scubapro regulators, repair kits for Apeks regulators and other small parts, regulator O-rings and spare parts for Oceanic regulators or Subgear regulators. A diver who has his regulator inspected annually usually does not have to worry about spare parts for his regulator, but you should have a regulator service kit or a regulator repair kit with you every time you go diving. Because even if only a small piece in your regulator should break during your trip and you need to repair it right there, it may be possible that you do not find a suitable repair kit for your regulator. A Regulator repair kit or Regulator Service Kit includes all regulator O-rings for the appropriate Regulator stage, that is, the 1st stage repair Kit or the 2nd stage repair Kit. In addition, such a repair kit includes all other small parts that can be replaced with a regulator during a regulator inspection or repair - filter, PU valve, sometimes membrane and even silicone for regulators. . If you are looking for a Mares service kit, such as a repair kit Mares Oktopus MV, maintenance kit Mares 2nd stage Abyss, repair kit Mares 1st stage or other Mares spare parts then you will find in our online dive shop. Our online divestore also offers Scubapro repair kits for Scubapro regulators, as Scubapro 2.St. MK17 / MK19 or repair kit Scubapro MK25 / MK20 or Scubapro repair kit for Scubapro 1st stage MK2 EVO, Scubapro service kit 2nd stage A700, Scubapro maintenance kit 2nd stage C200 / 300 or Scubapro maintenance kit 2nd stage S600 or repair kit for Scubapro G260. We have a suitable Scubapro service kit for just about every Scubapro 1st stage or Scubapro 2nd stage or Scubapro octopus, and lots of other Scubapro spare parts for regulators. Apeks Travel Kit for Apeks 1st Level and Apeks repair kit for Apeks 2nd Level are also available in our online Dive Shop. Other regulator accessories or regulator hoses are also available in our online shop for diving equipment.