Regulator full set DUAL 15x with Octopus DUAL / Regulator bag / pressure gauge / Miflex Inflator hose

Category: Regolator Complete Set

  • Compact lightweight regulator set
  • Sandblasted finish
  • High air delivery performance
  • Super Flexible hose
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The Mares Dual 15x regulator with Octopus Dual

The Regulator Mares Dual 15x with Octopus Dual is a high-quality Mares regulator from the Mares DUAL family, consisting of the innovative Mares Dual 15X regulator and the light and robust Mares Dual Octopus.

In this practical set we offer you this popular Mares regulator together with a suitable 400 bar pressure gauge, a practical regulator bag and a Miflex inflator hose as a complete regulator set.

The Mares 15X 1st stage

After the incredibly successful series of Mares MR 1st stages, which set new standards among diving regulators, Mares now convinces us with new 1st stages, optimized according to the latest technology, even lighter, more powerful, more robust to meet the highest requirements of today's diving world.

The Mares 15X 1st stage is the new Mares 1st stage for every diver. As a light, hard-wearing and practical 1st stage, it is ideal as a 1st stage for training regulators, as a 1st stage for holiday regulators or as a second 1st stage for a Mares cold water configuration.

The Mares 1st stage 15X is equipped with 4 Low pressure ports and 2 high pressure ports, which are positioned at an angle to facilitate optimal hose positioning for your Mares regulator.

What makes the Mares 15X 1st stage so particularly resistant is the innovative ACT Valve Advanced Coating Technology. This revolutionary valve in the new Mares "x" stages increases the lifespan by up to 600%, even if the regulator is exposed to extreme diving conditions. This means that even after many years and numerous dives, you can still rely on your Mares regulator working perfectly with your Mares 15X 1st stage.

As with older Mares 1st stages, the Mares 15X 1st stage also has the patented dynamic flow control, the Mares DFC technology, which minimizes the drop in medium pressure when inhaling, thereby stabilizing the breathing performance. The positive influence of the DFC is particularly noticeable in the Mares 15X 1st stage at great depths or during demanding dives.

The compact dimensions and low weight ensure that the Mares 1st stage 15X is a very popular 1st stage for dive travels, and also guarantees reliable performance and perfect function in every situation.

The Mares Dual 2nd stage

The Mares Dual 2nd stage is a light, compact and modern Mares 2nd stage, which convinces with good breathing performance and robust construction.

The new Mares Dual 2nd stage is very light and compact thanks to Ultralight Techno polymer, which is extremely abrasion-resistant and saltwater-resistant.

The breathing resistance of the Mares Dual 2nd stage feels almost like natural breathing thanks to the patented VAD system (Vortex Assisted Design) which ensures constant air flow at every depth. The built-in hydrodynamic reflector inside the Mares 2nd stage Dual ensures that the air from the VAD bypass tube is delivered directly into the mouthpiece and guarantees the diver a constant, easy breathing.

The Mares Dual 2nd stage was equipped with an extremely light and flexible Superflex hose, which guarantees you maximum freedom of movement and no tension and strains in the neck and jaw muscles, even in strong currents or during long dives.

The Mares Dual Octopus

The Mares Dual Octopus is a modified version of the Mares Dual 2nd stage, a light, compact and modern Mares Octopus, with good breathing performance and robust construction.

The new Mares Dual Octopus is made of very light and unbreakable Ultralight Technopolymer, which is extremely abrasion-resistant and resistant to salt water.

The breathing resistance of the Mares Dual Octopus scores with excellent values, because the Mares Dual Octopus is equipped with the same patented VAD technology as all Mares Dual 2nd stages. The VAD system - vortex supported design with built-in hydrodynamic reflector ensures constant air flow at any depth.

The Mares Dual Octopus is also equipped with the high-quality Superflex hose to guarantee maximum freedom of movement when diving.

The pressure gauge Slim Line 400 bar finimeter

The Slim Line 400 Bar pressure gauge is a lightweight and compact finimeter with a display up to 400 bar.

The Slim Line Pressure Gauge has a white fluorescent display with easy-to-read black markings that are easy to read even in poor visibility or at night.

The plastic housing of the Slimline pressure gauge is light and shock resistant, and securely encases the brass capsule of the Slim Line pressure gauge. The fluorescent display of the 400 bar pressure gauge Slim Line is protected by shatter-proof Lexan glass.

Including HD hose, the Slim Line pressure gauge measures 88 cm.

Regulator bag

You get this high-quality regulator in a suitable, practical regulator bag. This durable bag for regulators protects your regulator optimally and enables you to safely transport your regulator.

Inflator hose

The high-quality regulator complete set is rounded off by a robust and flexible Miflex inflator hose with a length of 65cm and a classical thread according to DIN standard EN 250.

Compact, light and reliable, the Mares Dual 15x regulator is the perfect entry-level regulator, a travel regulator or a regulator you need to complement a cold-water configuration. You can find matching Mares 1st stages, Mares 2nd stages and Mares octopus in our online dive shop.

In our online shop for dive equipment you will also find other regulators such as Scubapro regulators, Mares regulators, Oceanic regulators, Apeks regulators or Atomic regulators and high-quality regulator accessories such as regulator bags or regulator hoses and many other diving instruments.

Manufacturer : Mares

The Mares 1st stage 15x
Max. Operating pressure: 300 bar
Connection: DIN
LP ports: 4
HP ports: 2
Working method: membrane controlled, balanced
Suitable for cold water: limited
Nitrox approved: yes, up to 40%
Special features: compact dimensions, DFC technology therefore excellent breathing performance even at great depths or at low tank pressure, ACT valve that increases the service life by up to 600%, angled HP and LP ports for optimal hose positioning.

2nd stage & Octopus Mares Dual
Material: Ultralight techno polymer
Operating mode: air-balanced valve technology with VAD (vortex support) system and built-in hydrodynamic reflector
Adjustable breathing resistance: no
VIVA adjustable: no
Special features: natural breathing at every depth, light and compact, very light and flexible Superflex hose

400bar Pressure Gauge
Mounting: brass capsule with plastic sheath and hose attachment
Housing: brass
Protective glass: Lexanglas
Maximum pressure indication: 400 bar
Fluorescent: yes
Special features: very light and compact, easy to read.

Regulator Bag
Practical regulator bag for one diving regulator, padded, with carrying strap.

Inflator hose
Miflex Hose, 65cm, with classical thread according to DIN-Norm EN 250

Regulator Mares Dual 15X with hose, Mares Dual Octopus with long yellow hose, regulator bag, Miflex inflator hose, gauge, tested and installed