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Regulator accessories In our online dive shop, we offer you regulators accessories for Scubapro regulators, accessories for Mares regulators, accessories for Atomic regulators or accessories for Apeks regulators, regulators accessories or regulators spare parts which can also be used for any other regulator. Regulator mouthpiece The regulator part that is most strained and therefore most frequently replaced is the regulator mouthpiece - teeth grinding, nervousness and stress underwater, strong current and already the mouthpiece is broken. Since an intact regulator mouthpiece is safety-relevant for the diver, it must be replaced immediately, so it is important for each diver to always have a matching spare mouthpiece for his regulator in his spare kit, as well as a proper fastening for the mouthpiece to the 2nd stage. In our online dive shop you will find a compatible mouthpiece for each regulator, whether Scubapro mouthpiece, Aqualung mouthpiece, Mares mouthpiece or Atomic mouthpiece. In our online shop for diving equipment, we offer you a wide selection of mouthpieces for every diver, whether mouthpiece with soft palate sail, orthodontic mouthpiece, silicone mouthpiece or the well-known Jax mouthpiece, the mouthpiece that can be adapted to the diver's teeth, and thus individually and extremely comfortable is because it optimally relaxes the jaws of the diver. Octopus holder and hose holder You will find in our online dive shop also various octopus holders, such as an octopus holder with Velcro, a classic octopus holder for the mouthpiece or the high quality Scubapro octopus holder with magnet. You can also find various hose holders for the BCD in our online dive shop, such as a classic, swiveling hose holder for the pressure gauge or a retractor for your compass or console. Regulator tools and regulator silicone For the small regulators repair in between you can find in our online shop for diving equipment lots of little helpers such as an assembly tool set for regulators, the practical Mares Multitool, as well as matching silicone grease for regulators or practical hose protectors for regulator hoses. You can find repair kits and service kits for regulators or spare hoses for regulators in our online dive shop in the category regulators / service kits or regulators / hoses. Regulator Adapter for 1st stage In order for your DIN or INT regulator to fit every tank, in every country all over the world, we offer high-quality adapters for your regulator. In our online dive shop you will find DIN to INT bow adapter and also small INT on DIN adapter with thread. In our range of regulator accessories you will find other useful extras such as gear markers for diving equipment, special waterproof marking color for diving equipment in many attractive colors, a pony bottle pressure gauge, which is a pressure gauge for the small spare tank that serves as an emergency bottle, a lip shield for the 2nd stage to protect the diver's lips when diving in very cold water, a compressed air nozzle for inflator hose for easy and practical drying and cleaning of equipment or a DIN regulator dust cap for the 1st stage of the regulator.