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  • Classical BCD with ADV air-cell
  • Large weight pouches with QR-buckles + optional trim weight pouches
  • Robust EndurTex 420 DEN Nylon Fabric
  • Excellent fit due to adjustable straps
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The Scubapro Level buoyancy compensator

The Scubapro Level BCD is a brand new Scubapro diving jacket, a Scubapro buoyancy jacket that, with the latest technology and the latest materials, meets even the expectations of demanding divers.

Although the Scubapro BCD Level captivates with innovative technology, this Scubapro Jacket is not a fad, but, like many other Scubapro buoyancy compensators before, a buoyancy compensator that convinces with its standard features and classic design.

Good fit and robustness - these are the main arguments of the Scubapro Level buoyancy compensator. The buoyancy air-cell of the Scubapro Level Jacket is made of durable EndurTex 420D nylon. The straps of the Scubapro buoyancy compensator Level were made of almost indestructible nylon fabric, the D-rings are made of sturdy and stainless steel, and the buckles made of robust plastic.

But first of all, the Scubapro Level diving jacket scores with is the excellent fit. The pre-shaped air cell of the Scubapro Level BCD ensures that the buoyancy compensator keeps its shape, even when fully inflated, and wraps the upper body comfortably when diving. All parts of the Scubapro Level diving jacket that could press or rub are very well padded to avoid any pressure or friction points: the back is extremely well padded, the neck protection is soft, the shoulder straps are non-slip and comfortably soft lined. The fit of the Scubapro Level BCD can be adjusted very individually to your body shape thanks to the adjustable shoulder straps with practical, swivelling buckles, the chest strap and the wide cummerbund.

For a stable and safe water position, the weight in the Scubapro Level buoyancy compensator can be optimally distributed in the integrated weight pouches with a capacity of 5kg each with QR quick release buckles and in the optional trim weight pouches on the back of the Scubapro jacket.

Additional equipment can be attached for diving on the 4 large stainless-steel D-rings of the Scubapro Level diving jacket or in the large pockets with Velcro fasteners and other fastening options such as the special holder for diving knives on the side pockets.

The bottle can be securely and easily attached to the back of the Scubapro Level buoyancy compensator with the practical nylon tank band with a robust stainless-steel Super Chinch buckle that is child's play to adjust and attach.

The classic inflator of the Scubapro Level Jacket, with large push buttons, can be operated very easily even by less experienced divers and even with thick gloves.

That is exactly why the Scubapro Level buoyancy compensator will convince every diver, from beginners to professionals, because it is comfortable, easy to use, robust and lightweight.

The attractive and modern design of the Scubapro Level BCD with a straight cut and practical features such as an integrated octopus holder and reflective details also testify to the high quality of this new Scubapro jacket.

And if you have not yet found the right one with this Scubapro diving jacket, take a look at the other Mares diving jackets, Scubapro buoyancy compensators or Aqualung BCDs in our online diving shop.

Manufacturer : Scubapro
Sex: Man Unisex
Jacket type: classic buoyancy compensator with ADV air-cell
Buoyancy air-cell: pre-shaped ADV air cell that surrounds the entire upper body
Buoyancy air cell material: EndurTex 420 DEN nylon
Shoulder strap: Adjustable nylon straps with swivelling buckles
Chest strap: adjustable nylon strap with plastic buckle
Abdominal cummerbund: wide, adjustable cummerbund with Velcro
Material straps: nylon
Material buckles: plastic
Weight pouches: Removable weight pouches with QR buckles (quick release buckles)
Weight pouches capacity: 5 kg each 
Trim weight pouches: yes, optional, 2 trim weight pouches on the back
Capacity trim weight pouches: 1kg each
D-rings: a total of 4 D-rings, 3 of them pre-bend
Material D-rings: stainless steel
Knife holder: yes, on the pocket flap
Side pockets: yes, both sides, with Velcro
Octopus holder: yes, small octo pockets for hoses above the side pockets, on both sides
Tank mount: wide, tear-resistant nylon tank band with stainless steel Super Chinch buckle
Maximum tank size: at size XS max. 10l, for size S to XL max. 15l
Operating temperature: air - -20 ° C to + 50 ° C, water - -2 ° C to + 40 ° c
Maximum buoyancy: XS-10N, S - 120N, M - 130N, L - 150N, XL - 170N

Scubapro Level BCD in the selected size, weight pouches, inflator hose, instructions