Hydros Pro Jacket inkl. Go Sport Flosse

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  • High-Quality Set for dive travelling
  • Revolutionary BCD with modular design
  • Lightweight travel BCD with ergonomic 3-D Body Grip Gel Design
  • Lightweight and robust travel fins made of Monoprene
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Hydros Pro Color Kit

Hydros Pro Color Kit

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Set Hydros Pro Jacket incl.Go Sport fin

In this top offer we have put together a high-quality diving equipment set for you, consisting of the revolutionaryl BCD Scubapro Hydros Pro with Color Kit and the innovative Scubapro fins Go Sport.

The Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD

The Scubapro Hydros Pro Jacket is a visionary BCD that offers a perfect symbiosis between diver and dive jacket, thanks to its unique construction made of body grip gel, which does not just rigidly pack the body, but adapts individually to each body shape, thus perfectly fitting every single diver. The modular design of the Hydros Pro jacket, also allows every diver to individually configure their own, personal jacket.

The Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD consists of an extremely hard-wearing, patented, injection moulded Monprene® material that is very insensitive to salt water, UV radiation and chemicals. The harness of the Scubapro BCD Hydros Pro uses no textiles such as zippers or Velcros at all. This special material mix of the Scubapro Hydros Pro buoyancy compensator also has the extraordinary and extremely practical property of absorbing practically no water, thus drying in record time, which can be a great advantage, especially on vacation. The Scubapro Jacket Hydros Pro is an absolute flyweight and can be folded to an incredibly compact package which makes the Scubapro Hydros BCD a perfect Jacket for travelling. If necessary, the Scubapro Hydros Pro can be dismantled into individual parts in no time at all, so that you can stow the back plate, weight pockets and harness separately.

Another absolute novelty of the Scubapro BCD Hydros Pro is the dual-compound back plate, which is hard to beat in terms of robustness and comfort. It is made of a very hard-wearing Monprene® material, which divers already know from the now famous Scubapro fins Seawing Nova

The air blade of the Scubapro buoyancy compensator Hydros Pro forms a classic wing with a generous interior volume, and a good lift capacity of 36lbs in size M.

The Scubapro BCD Hydros Pro is neutrally buoyant, which helps the diver save weight. The weights you still need can be placed into the two weight pouches on the sides and in the two back trim pockets.

You can place the rest of your dive accessories such as torch, dive knife, compass, spare mask, shaker, dive camera or buoy inside the two optional Hydros Ninja Pockets or attach them to the 4 stainless-steel d-rings on your Hydros Pro BCD, or to the optional Hydros Mini D-Ring Set.

The Hydros Pro Color Kits for the Hydros Pro Scubapro BCD are available in our online Divestore in lots of different colours, from fresh pink tot decent white, rounding up the modern design of the Scubapro BCD Hydros Pro which has already received a Red Dot Award.

Fins Scubapro Go Sport

The Scubapro Go Sport fins are brand-new Scubapro fins for travelling, ultra-modern lightweight dive fins, short fins that are perfect as travel fins with low weight and very good propulsion when diving.

The Scubapro Go Sport fins are made from the same innovative, durable and lightweight material as the world-famous Scubapro Seawing Nova fins, made from very robust Monoprene, for maximum durability despite intense diving.

The new Scubapro fins for divers Go Sport 2019 have a futuristic, ultra-rugged construction, almost completely without seams. The innovative Ergo3 foot pocket and the Scubapro Bungee Strap self-adjusting heel straps, the Scubapro Go Sport Fins fit tight and comfortable, and guarantee perfect power transmission.

The wide and rather short fin blade of the Scubapro Go Sport fins produce excellent propulsion at every fin stroke, as the energy doesn’t get lost along the fin blade, as the fin blade cannot sag, thanks to the power bars on the underside of the fin. The water flows swirl-free from the fin blade of the Scubapro Go Sport along the centrally installed Central Power Panel and gives you an increased thrust when diving, even in current. The new, interchangeable skegs, which are laterally at the top of the Scubapro Go Sport fin, not only provide the personal color touch, but prevent lateral drifting and provide stability.

As a travel fin, the Scubapro Go Sport fin features low weight and dimensions designed to fit inside any IATA compliant carry-on bag.

With this revolutionary travel BCD Scubapro Hydros Pro and the innovative Scubapro Go Sport travel fins you have already acquired an important component for your high-quality travel diving equipment. You can also find other high-quality, reliable dive equipment for your dive trips such as practical dive backpacks, neoprene wetsuits in various thicknesses or lightweight travel regulators in our online dive shop.

Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD
BCD design: Wing jacket with modular design
Material: Gel harness made of injection molded monoprene, no Velcro and zippers
Cut: ergonomic 3-D design, adapts to the body shape with body grip gel, available in different cut shapes for women and men
Tank attachment: simple strap system for securely attaching a tank up to 18l
Straps: chest belt, waist belt, shoulder straps - all adjustable and with quick-release buckles
Lifting Buoyancy: 170 Newton in size. M Men
Weight: 5 kg
Number of D-rings: 4
Material D-rings: stainless steel
Inflator: balanced power inflator
Buoyancy: neutral
Integrated weight pouches: yes, optional
Weight pouches capacity: max. 4 kg for each pocket
Additional weight pockets: 2 trim weight pockets on the back
Other pouches: optional accessory pouches
- instant drying
- foldable on a very small pack size (ideal for travel)
- Modular design - can be configured individually, and if necessary, can be disassembled into individual parts very quickly
- can be customized in color
- easy to repair - each component can be replaced individually and without sewing

Scubapro Go Sport Fins
Fin type: fins, cruise fins, travel fins
Finblade: wide, geometrically shaped with 25 ° angle, central power panel, power bars on the bottom, removable skegs in the front area.
Foot pocket: Ergo3 foot pocket for neoprene boots
Hardness: hard
Material: Monoprene
Fin strap: Self-adjusting bungee strap

1x Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD + 1x Scubapro Go Sport Fins in the chosen color and size