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Snorkel fins

Snorkelers prefer lightweight snorkel fins with a closed foot section for snorkeling. Since snorkeling does not require as much strength or cold protection as diving, the use of heavy equipment fins with the accompanying neoprene feet would be a bit excessive.
The best fins for snorkeling are those with a closed foot section, which can be put on without further foot protection, and which do not weigh down the feet while snorkeling, and do not overstrain the leg muscles while snorkeling.
In our online dive store we offer different models of snorkeling fins.
For ambitious snorkelers, we offer in our online store for snorkeling equipment and diving equipment snorkeling fins with slightly more effective fin blade , such as the Scubapro snorkeling fins Jet Sport FF fin with medium hard fin blade, or the Scubapro Seawing Nova FF snorkeling fins with hard and very efficient fin blade. The Tusa Solla FF Fin snorkeling fins also impress with a very high-quality finish and decent performance.
The Scubapro Seawing Nova FF snorkeling fins and the TUSA Solla FF fins with closed foot part are also very suitable as training fins or high-performance swim fins thanks to a firm fin blade and effective power conversion.
Since the fin stroke in snorkeling is not as powerful as the fin stroke in diving, the hold of a fin with closed foot section is quite sufficient for snorkeling. For training purposes, in currents or when a firmer hold of the fin with closed foot part on the foot is generally required, you can use additional fin cross straps. You can also find these fins cross straps in our online dive store and they are also an optimal solution for snorkelers with very narrow feet where the foot part of normal snorkeling fins generally sits a little too loose. For the latter case we also recommend the use of neoprene socks in the snorkel fins which leads to a tight and secure fit of the snorkel fin on the foot.
Useful accessories for snorkel fins such as neoprene socks or fin bags, as well as other snorkeling equipment such as snorkel wetsuits, snorkels or snorkel masks can of course also be found in our online dive store.