Freediving equipment

When you start freediving, there's nothing wrong with using your standard dive gear or water sports equipment. At the beginning, the normal diving mask or snorkel mask will do, as well as a simple wetsuit and basic diving fins also will be okay for your first free-diving experiments. But if you dive deeper into the matter you will have to get yourself some special freediving equipment. It will not require any advice - your own underwater experience will show that you will need more suitable equipment to achieve the desired freediving performance.

Together with our freediving experts and freediving instructors, we have put together a selection of high-quality and reliable freediving equipment that will help you to be safe and efficient when diving apnea.

Freediving clothing
Only an apnea diver who fights for every second and every meter underwater will understand why the normal 5mm wetsuit is not suitable as a freediving suit. Sure, it protects you from the cold temperature, but with freediving you need an apnea suit that will let you glide through the water much more efficiently and with as little water resistance as possible. Apnea suits with a special coating like the Scubapro Element 1 apnea suit in our online dive shop are perfect for this. Also important for a freediving suit is that it grants you complete mobility, such as the Scubapro Element 2 Freediving Suit in our online Divestore. And if you need some extra warmth clothing under the apnea suit, or, on the contrary, if you feel that a wetsuit is too much for you in freediving, and you would rather have a little neoprene shirt or shorts, then you will find in our online shop for freediving high quality neoprene clothing for freediving. Just have a look at the neoprene tops and neoprene shorts for apnea diving, such as the Waterproof T30 Neoprene shorts or the Waterproof U30 Undervest neoprene vest in our online divestore.

Freediving fins
In freediving you will need special freediving fins with much more propulsion then normal diving fins. Apnea fins such as the Mares Freediving fins Concorde or the Scubapro S3 Fin Freediving fins provide with their extra-long and soft fins blades optimal propulsion and effective power conversion for apnea divers. For maximum performance, we recommend freediving fins with carbon fin blades that are even more efficient and even higher quality than standard apnea fins. In our online dive shop you will find, for example, the Scubapro Carbon fins S1 Fin Freediving fins with full carbon fin blade, or the Scubapro S2 Freediving fins which consists of a carbon shell on a robust and flexible fiberglass skeleton and ensure excellent performance.

For Monofin Freedivers we recommend from our online Divestore the high-end Monofin Scubapro Element M1 Monofin or, for the smaller budget, the Monofin Hydra, the Monofin Minos or the Monofin Triton which you will find in different colours in our online shop for freediving equipment.

Freediving Instruments
Just like in any other diving sport, apnea diving computers are indispensable for freediving. To view your dive parameters and to record your progress you will need an apnea dive computer or freediving dive computer, like the ones you will find here in our online Divestore. There are some freediving dive computers specifically designed for freediving, such as the Mares Smart Apnea Mares apnea dive computer, which only includes programs for apnea divers. But you are also welcome to use a multidive dive computer from our online divestore.

Or you can also use a simple freediving depth gauge, such as the Scubapro depth gauge we offer in our online dive shop.

Freediving masks
Large bright masks with wide lenses for a wide view may be excellent for scuba diving, but they're not suitable as freediving masks. For free diving, you need an apnea mask that is extremely lightweight and with a very small volume, to save you the precious breathing air, such as the Scubapro apnea mask Futura 1 or the Scubapro Freediving mask Steel. The absolute peak in interior volume minimization is achieved with the Scubapro Steel Comp Freediving Mask from our online Divestore, which is not only small, but also compresses as pressure increases to really minimize the mask's internal volume. And if you want to have a large field of view while freediving, you should try a one-glass freediving mask with like the Scubapro apnea diving mask Steel Pro.

Freediving snorkel
Freediving experts also rely on minimalism for snorkelling and always chose basic snorkels without any frills. Therefore, we recommend to use as a freediving snorkel a simple snorkel with a small volume, without valves, without flex-tube, with a secure and stable mask holder, like the Scubapro Apnea snorkel which you will find in our online dive shop.

Freediving accessories
In our online dive shop you will also find other freediving equipment that you may not even think about at the beginning of your freediving experience, but which you will definitely need later on, such as a weight belt for freediving such as the Scubapro Apnea weightbelt Marseille or the Scubapro freediving weightbelt Standard.  Of course, you will also find in our online Divestore the matching freediving lead weights, coated weights. And if you prefer soft weights, we offer in our online shop for diving equipment soft lead pellets bags and the matching weight belt for soft weight pockets.

Of course, you will find in our online dive shop also other freediving equipment, from free-diving masks and freediving fins to freediving clothing from well-known manufacturers such as Scubapro, Mares or Waterproof.

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D4i with black strap

D4i with black strap

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D4i Novo with USB

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Apnea snorkel

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