Diving Masks

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Diving masks
In our online store for diving equipment you will find a large selection of high quality diving masks such as Mares masks, Hollis masks, Scubapro masks and masks from other well-known manufacturers.
A good diver needs a good mask, because a good diver knows why a good diving mask is so important.
The fit of a diving mask is relevant for the fun factor of the dive, but really important is the quality of the diving mask, because this is safety relevant for the diver. A diving mask must meet certain minimum qualitative requirements to qualify as a diving mask at all, and it is precisely according to these criteria that we have selected the diving masks in our online diving store.
What makes a diving mask safe?
Every diving mask in our online diving store, whether Scubapro mask, TUSA mask, Mares mask, Hollis mask or Subgear mask is a diving mask with safety glass, pressure tested construction with robust frame, very durable and flexible silicone seal and adjustable mask strap. And these are the most important features a diving mask should have. Everything else is a matter of comfort - and comfort underwater means fun diving.
What makes a diving mask comfortable?
Comfort depends first and foremost on the fit - decide between a narrow diving mask like the Scubapro Mask Synergy 2, the Scubapro Diving Mask Spectra Mini or the very narrow Oceanic Mask Mini Site or a diving mask with a wider fit like the Scubapro Spectra Diving Mask or the legendary Aqualung Mask Look. Or, when diving, opt for a diving mask with ultra-soft and snug silicone that easily adapts to any facial contours, like the TUSA Ceos diving mask or the Scubapro Synergy Twin mask. When considering the fit of the mask, also pay attention to the size of the nose notch of the diving mask, or whether the frame of the diving mask creates pressure points on the face.
Diving masks with a wide field of vision
For a wide field of vision while diving, you should opt for a two-glass diving mask with large lenses, such as the Scubapro two-glass Spectra diving mask, the TUSA Freedom diving mask or TUSA mask Freedom HD, or the Mares mask X-Vision. For a large field of vision, you can also resort to a single glass mask while diving like the TUSA diving mask Freedom Elite or the Scubapro single glass mask Frameless. For all-round vision, a mask with nostalgic charm, because it is a mask with side lenses but in modern design and current technology - the Mares i3 mask.
Small volume diving mask
For divers who prefer a small volume diving mask we recommend a diving mask with small lenses like the Mares mask Star liquid Skin Mask or the Scubapro diving mask Ghost Mask.
Diving masks with protection for the eyes - UV protection or black silicone
Special protection for the eyes are offered by divers masks with black silicone mask body because this stops the UV rays, such as the black Hollis mask M-3 or the Scubapro mask with black silicone Devil Black. But also many other masks are available with black silicone, for example the Scubapro Spectra Mask, the TUSA Freedom Elite Mask or the TUSA Mask Ceos, the Scubapro Mask Zoom, the Scubapro Mask Synergy Twin or the Mares X-Vision Ultra Liquid Skin and many other diving masks in our online diving store. Even more protection for the eyes offer diving masks with mirrored lenses, so diving masks with UV protection like the Scubapro diving mask with UV protection Spectra with mirrored lenses.
Diving mask with optical lenses
For divers who need visual assistance, that is, who wear glasses or contact lenses in everyday life, there is the possibility to install optical lenses in a normal diving mask from our online diving store. Not for every diving goggles optical lenses are available as standard, but in our online diving store you will find a large selection of diving masks with optical lenses, where they can order the optical lenses immediately or receive on request, such as the Scubapro mask with optical lenses Spectra, the Scubapro Zoom Evo diving mask with diopters or the TUSA diving mask with prescription. The matching Scubapro optical lenses for Scubapro mask with prescription or TUSA optical lenses for TUSA mask with optical lenses can also be found in our online store for diving accessories at the category Masks Accessories.
Diving mask with ear protection
Also sensitive ears need sometimes a little more debris when diving, before cold water or before plankton, and for this the diving mask with ear protection Oceanic Pro Ear is suitable outstanding when diving which you find also in our online diving store.
Diving masks for children