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Diving compass

When diving in familiar waters with enough landmarks and good visibility, in the sunny Red Sea along the reef, natural navigation is the order of the day, and no diver casts a glance at his compass. But when diving in lakes with dull visibility, in foreign waters without natural landmarks, it becomes difficult for the diver to find his way. On such dives, a diver's compass is not only useful, but relevant to safety, because it is often the only way for the diver to find a safe exit point or to avoid danger points while diving.
Choosing the right compass for diving depends on several aspects.
Diving compass with wrist strap or compass with clip console
First and foremost, the question is whether the diver wants a compass with wrist strap like the Suunto SK8 compass with wrist strap in our online dive store, a compass module integrated into the console like the Oceanic Sidescan II compass module or a compass with clip console, i.e. with an attachment eyelet that can be attached to the jacket, like the Scubapro FS2 compass with clip console which you can also find in our online dive store as an offer package as a diver compass together with a compass retractor. 
For divers who can not decide, there is also the possibility to buy a variable compass, such as the Suunto SK8 compass which you can find in our online store for diving equipment as a diver compass with bracelet, and which can be easily converted into a compass with clip console by the diver with the matching Suunto retractor.  In our online dive store, we offer you the matching retractor, which was made specifically for this Suunto SK8 compass. This special Suunto retractor can be installed instead of the strap, which can be removed from the Suunto SK8 compass with a few hand movements, and in no time at all you have converted the diving compass with strap into a diving compass with mounting eyelet including retractor for compass.
Diving compass in an instrument console
If a diver wants to have his compass integrated in an instrument console, he only needs a compass module to install it in the appropriate diving console. Different diving instrument consoles in which several diving instruments are combined can also be found in our online diving store, such as a diving console consisting of compass, finimeter and depth gauge, or a diving instrument console consisting of dive computer and compass.
Compass with good readability
When choosing the right dive compass, a diver should also pay attention to the good readability of the numbers, which should be ensured even in poor visibility or darkness, such as by a fluorescent number sheet as in the Oceanic Sidescan II compass or the Mares compass Mission 1C.
Diving compass with large inclination angle
Whether it's an Oceanic compass, a Scubapro compass, a Suunto compass or a Mares compass use, remember that a large tilt angle of the compass is also important when diving so that the compass can still show the correct direction when diving even when slightly tilted, such as with the Scubapro FS2 diving compass, the Mares Mission 1C compass, the Oceanic Sidescan II compass and all other compasses in our online dive store.
Digital compass in a dive computer
For divers who like to minimize the number of instruments they carry while diving, we offer in our online dive store the attractive alternative of a dive computer with integrated compass, such as the Oceanic dive computer VT4 or the Uwatec dive computer with integrated compass Galileo Luna the case is. Also other Mares dive computers with integrated compass, Scubapro dive computers with integrated compass, Oceanic dive computers with compass or Suunto dive computers with compass can be found in our online dive store in the category dive computers.
Retractor and other accessories
A retractor is the optimal mounting option for a compass without wrist strap like the Oceanic compass Sidescan 2 or the Scubapro compass FS-2. An Oceanic retractor that can be used for all dive compasses or the special Suunto retractor for the Suunto compass SK7 or SK8, as well as other accessories for your diving instruments can be found in our online dive store in the category Instruments / Accessories.