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Cold protection for the feet
As soon as the water extracts heat from the body during diving, snorkeling, surfing or other water sports, the outer extremities such as head, hands and feet are the first to be less supplied with blood, which can lead to rapid hypothermia.
For the head and hands you will find in our online dive store in the category Gloves & Hoods a wide selection of high quality diving gloves and neoprene head hoods.
To protect your feet optimally you need either neoprene socks, or neoprene booties.
Neoprene Socks
Neoprene socks are made of very soft and flexible 1.5mm neoprene like the Waterproof Neoprene Socks B2 or 3mm neoprene like the Scubapro Neoprene Socks Comfort Soxx, and are excellent for diving as additional cold protection in the diver's neoprene socks or under the drysuit socks, but also as neoprene socks for swimming, neoprene socks for paddling or for snorkeling as cold protection in the snorkel fins.
Neoprene socks
To protect the feet while diving against cold but also against injuries in the fin or on the way to the dive site, neoprene footies for diving are indispensable. You will find in our online diving store different Waterproof socks, Scubapro neoprene socks or Mares socks from different material thicknesses and with different cut, which are ideal as socks for diving, socks for surfing, socks for paddling or socks for water sports. The light diving footies made of 5mm neoprene with thin sole and Velcro closure like Scubapro No Zip footies, short neoprene footies up to the ankle like Scubapro Delta Short footies are very suitable also as surfing footies. For demanding terrain, in cold water, with heavy diving fins or while paddling the diver or paddler needs robust 5mm neoprene footies with thick soles like the Scubapro Neoprene Boots Heavy Duty 6,5mm or the Waterproof Footies B5 Marine Boots which are durable and stable.
Whether Waterproof neoprene booties, Scubapro booties or even neoprene socks you will certainly find the right neoprene shoes or neoprene socks for every WassersAnkerport type in our online dive store.