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Diving Jackets

In our online dive store we offer an exquisite selection of buoyancy compensating jackets, so that every diver can find the desired dive jacket that fits his diving habits, the rest of his diving equipment, his physique and last but not least his wallet. In our online store for diving equipment you can choose between a Scubapro Diving Jacket, a Mares Jacket, an Aqualung Diving Jacket or a Hollis Diving Jacket that exactly fits your needs.
ADV Jackets
An ADV Jacket is a jacket with a large, continuous air bladder that encloses the entire upper body. In an ADV Jacket, the air can always position itself optimally to stabilize the diver, depending on the position of the diver. Therefore, an ADV buoyancy jacket such as the Scubapro Level buoyancy jacket, the Scubapro X-One buoyancy jacket or the Aqualung buoyancy jacket promises perfect buoyancy in any water position while diving.
Wing Jackets for diving
For a perfect water position of the diver in the usual lying diving position, nothing beats a Wing Jacket. The Wing Jacket has a large air bladder located entirely on the back of the buoyancy jacket, which, as the name suggests, forms a kind of wing on the diver's back. Wing Jackets like the Hollis Wing Buoyancy Jacket HD-200 or the Scubapro Wing Jacket Litehawk have a pleasantly large buoyancy volume and are therefore also a suitable tech diver buoyancy jacket.
Hybrid buoyancy compensators
Divers who want to enjoy the advantages of both bubble systems can opt for a hybrid buoyancy jacket. Such a Hybrid Jacket combines an ADV Jacket with a Wing Jacket like the high quality Mares Buoyancy Jacket Hybrid Pure MRS Plus Dive Jacket in our online dive store.
Lady Jackets - Jackets for women
Female divers who often have difficulties to find a well-fitting buoyancy compensator should have a look at the ladies buoyancy compensator jackets in our online dive store. Lady Jackets take into account the special female physique and are specially designed for female divers. A good example of this is the Scubapro women's diving jacket Bella, which is very popular with female divers thanks to its comfortable fit and chic design.
Travel jackets - Flyweight buoyancy compensators
Divers try to save every gram of weight in their diving luggage, which is not always easy with complete diving equipment. Therefore, we recommend a lightweight travel jacket for diving trips, which is made of very light materials to not weigh down the dive luggage. In our online dive store you will find the Scubapro travel jacket Go, which is not only very light, but can also be folded to a very compact size, saving weight and space in your dive luggage.
Buoyancy Jackets for Diving Professionals
While casual divers are very well equipped with a lightweight, easy-to-use jacket, a dive professional needs more than that. A professional dive jacket or an instructor jacket must withstand a lot more. A professional buoyancy jacket like the Scubapro X-Force Instructor Jacket should be very robust, made of thick, durable material, with many metal D-rings to which you can attach plenty of additional diving equipment, with generous pockets and weight pockets, and even an attachment possibility for diving knives.
Jackets with classic inflator or with alternative inflation system
Divers who would like an alternative to the classic buoyancy jacket with inflator hose will find in our online dive store the Aqualung Axiom i3 buoyancy jacket, which is equipped with a state-of-the-art control unit for the inflation/deflation system of the buoyancy jacket instead of the well-known inflator hose. With the Axiom i3 Aqualung buoyancy jacket, the diver can thus inflate or deflate the jacket using a handy little lever at waist level.
Buoyancy jacket with integrated weight pockets.
Diving jackets with integrated weights are nowadays part of the diving equipment of almost every diver, because they are unsurpassably practical compared to the classic weight belts. The Scubapro X-One buoyancy compensator, the Scubapro Glide-X Jacket, the Hollis HD-200 Jacket, and all other dive jackets in our online dive store have special lead pockets in which you can store your diving lead, which are attached to the side of the jacket and fastened with sturdy and easy-to-use quick-release buckles.
Divers who still need a classic weight belt, perhaps because they use a lot of lead weight for diving, can also find a classic weight belt in our online dive store, but also a high-quality lead vest, the Comfort Weight Vest BCT from Subgear, a weight belt with jacket cut in which you can store up to 20kg of lead.