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Fins Accessories

Also for equipment fins, snorkel fins or swim fins divers, snorkelers or swimmers need useful accessories, which you can find here in our online store for diving equipment and snorkel gear.
In the fins accessories category, you will primarily find high-quality replacement fin straps for equipment fins. We offer divers, as an alternative to the usual rubber fin straps that regularly break and need to be replaced due to frequent adjustment and material fatigue, two indestructible fin straps that they will most likely never have to replace again.  The Steel Straps are fin straps that are made of an indestructible stainless steel spring with rubber coating that can be attached to any equipment fin. And the Bungee Straps are extremely durable and tear-resistant fin straps made of harpoon rubber in the case of the Mares Bungee Straps and a special elastomer in the case of the Scubapro Bungee Straps that will withstand the rigors of hundreds of dives without tearing or showing signs of wear or material fatigue.
For snorkel fins that need more support on the snorkeler's foot, such as narrow children's feet, or when used for vigorous training, we offer in our online store for diving equipment and swimming equipment the practical and simple rubber cross straps for fins with which you can attach any snorkel fin or swim fin to the foot.
So that a diver or snorkeler never again loses or mixes up his fins we recommend the use of Gear Marker, a special waterproof paint with which you can mark your snorkel fins or equipment fins. We offer this special marking paint for diving equipment in many highly visible colors in our online diving store.
Other useful helpers for your equipment fins or snorkel fins such as fin holders or fin bags can of course also be found in our online diving store.
And if you need neoprene booties for your equipment fins for diving or neoprene socks for snorkel fins or swim fins please look under the category clothing / neoprene socks and booties, there every diver, swimmer or snorkeler will find the right neoprene booties or neoprene socks.