Octopus & 2nd Stage

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Octopus and 2nd stages You need to change your regulator 2nd stage or do you want to expand your regulator set? In our online dive shop, you will find a wide selection of 1st stages, pressure gauges, regulator hoses and of course a lot of 2nd stages and octopuses. In our online shop for diving equipment, we offer regulator sets from manufacturers who have already convinced several times through experience and quality. Scubapro regulators, Mares regulators, Atomic regulators, Aqualung regulators or Apeks regulators are well-known to every diver because they mean reliability and excellent performance. In addition, you will find a Mares 2nd stage or Scubapro 2nd stage or a Mares octopus, Scubapro octopus or Atomic octopus in our online shop for diving equipment. We offer you in our online dive shop 2nd stages with different features, such as 2nd stages with adjustable inhalation effort, 2nd stages with VIVA dive/pre-dive switch or special second stages with outstanding inhalation comfort as the Scubapro S600 2nd stage equipped with an air-balanced valve. All regulators second stages in our online shop for diving equipment have replaceable mouthpieces, and of course you can also find the matching mouthpieces for regulators in our online dive shop. For divers who want to expand their Mares regulator with a Mares Octopus, we offer in our online divestore some well-known Mares Octopus models, like the Mares Abyss Octopus, the Mares Prestige Octopus or the Mares Octopus Loop. Of course, the popular Mares Octopus MV and Mares Air Control are not missing in our online dive shop. Even divers with a high-end regulator from Atomic Aquatics will find in our online dive shop the matching Atomic octopus, the Atomic Z2 octopus. To a Scubapro regulator fits one of the high-quality Scubapro 2nd stages in our online dive shop, such as the unique, hand-forged Scubapro 2nd stage A700, the legendary Scubapro G260 2nd stage or the light and compact Scubapro 2nd stage C600. Of course, you will also find a suitable Scubapro Octopus, the Scubapro R195 or the Scubapro Air2 (5th Gen.) in our online shop for diving equipment. A couple of matching octopus holders can also be found in our online dive shop. We also offer you in our online divestore a wide range of ND hoses or HD hoses for your regulator, pressure gauges, 1st stages, regulator bags or other accessories for regulators. Whether you are looking for a Mares regulator, an Apeks regulator, a Scubapro regulator, an Atomic regulator, or a Aqualung regulator or matching regulator accessories, you can be sure to find what you are looking for in our online dive shop.