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Dive Instrument Consoles

Air and orientation while diving are vital - every diver can confirm that. And for that you need the necessary diving instruments like finimeter, depth gauge and compass. Of course, modern dive computers perform some or even all of these tasks, but divers who like to be on the completely safe side, often dive professionals who don't want to rely on their luck while diving, like to carry a double backup while diving.
Of course, it is not enough for a diver to have the instruments with him, he should also know how to use them, and above all, they should be high quality and reliable instruments. For the latter, we provide, in our online dive store, where we offer divers instruments from manufacturers that have distinguished themselves by very high quality and absolute reliability.

In our online dive store you will find all these diving instruments of course also as individual instruments such as our Sunto Finimeter, Mares Finimeter or Oceanic Finimeter, the diving compass from Suunto, compass from Oceanic or the Scubapro compass and the Scubapro depth gauge with wristband. However, divers who don't like to load themselves with so many instruments while diving, and also prefer to collect all the data at just one glance, can combine all these important diving instruments into a single console.

In a console of 2, one can combine a finimeter with a depth gauge as in the Mares Mission 2 console combining a Mares finimeter and a Mares depth gauge, a finimeter with a compass, or a depth gauge with a compass as in the Scubapro Mako console combining a Scubapro depth gauge and a high quality Scubapro compass. Or the diver packs everything into one console, a 3-piece console consisting of a finimeter, depth gauge and compass.

In a Scubapro console, Oceanic console, Mares console or Sunto console, the sensitive diving anchor instruments are safely and robustly enclosed in shatterproof holders and form a compact, ergonomic and practical diving instrument unit with low weight and maximum functionality while diving.
These dive instrument consoles are mounted on the end of a high quality and robust HD hose and attached to the buoyancy jacket using the attachment eyelet or directly on the hose with a finimeter holder, carabiner or retractor. Suitable HD hose for Scubapro consoles, Mares consoles or Oceanic consoles as well as finimeter holders and other mounting options for consoles can of course also be found in our online dive store.