Regulator 1st Stages

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Single 1st stages for regulators The first stage is the heart of the regulator of a diver. Whether a balanced first stage or an unbalanced 1st stage, a diaphragm-controlled 1st stage or a piston-controlled 1st stage, a Nitrox 1st stage, a basic 1st stage as a second 1st stage for cold water configuration or a 1st stage suitable for cold water, in our online dive shop every diver will find a suitable single 1st stage for the regulator. In our online dive shop, you can choose a Mares 1st stage, Scubapro 1st stage, Atomic 1st stage, Aqualung 1st stage or Apeks 1st stage to suit your Mares regulator, Scubapro regulator, Atomic regulator, Aqualung regulator or Apeks regulator. If you need a single Nitrox 1st stage to fit your Nitrox regulator, we recommend the Apeks DS4 Nitrox 1st stage, an overbalanced, diaphragm-controlled 1st stage that will not let you down in the coldest water thanks to the built-in Dry Chamber. You can find further cold water 1st stages for regulators for diving in very cold water or even ice diving in our online dive shop, like the Scubapro MK25 EVO 1st stage, the popular Scubapro MK17 EVO 1st stage with maximum thermal insulation. For divers who own an Apeks regulator and want to extend it to a cold-water configuration, we offer in our online dive shop the single Apeks 1st stage DS4. Also, for a Scubapro regulator we offer each diver the possibility to configure a second regulator with the help of the individual Scubapro 1st stages in our online dive shop. In our online shop for diving equipment, every diver will find the individual 1st stage for his Mares regulator, Scubapro regulator, Apeks regulator or Atomic regulator, and of course the matching second stages for regulators, as well as other regulator accessories, pressure gauges or regulators Spare Parts.